LENNOX 3 ton air conditioner installation(change out) in Anaheim + LENOX gas furnace ultra low NOx. https://airblueoc.com old unit was 1995 TRANE r22 freon with no freon left. leak was from the evaporative coil. https://airblueoc.com/air-conditioning-services/ac-replacement/

We are installing LENNOX system today

Working in beautiful community of Anaheim. Outdoors we are replacing old ac unit which was TRAIN. The furnace is in the patio closet, we will replace furnace evaporative coil. What’s funny is

return cavity is not sealed, there is a fiberglass and that’s where your furnace takes air from. From return cavity where you have this fiberglass insulation, so we have to, we will seal all that up and put filter box right here.

Because the original filter is in the grill on a wall it’s better if you have filter before the furnace, this way all the air goes through the filter.

This is the furnace closet, furnace is removed. It is example of supply plenum you see the collars are not sealed. This is two inch by two inch hole straight into the attic so we will seal all that with sealant.

We removed old equipment. Issue with the system was it had very little refrigerant. Outdoor unit was pretty clean so we assumed leak is from evaporative coil. But we didn’t want a change evaporative coil only because it sits right on top of the furnace and you don’t want to be changing your system in pieces. You know evaporator coil first then if you decide to change your furnace. new furnace is different height you have to redo everything it’s much wiser to change whole system completely. Again just looking at this evaporative coil you know this system is from 95. It’s been only what 26 years you can see that life expectancy is built into these coils. You have copper pipes going through the metal steel plates and this coil always gets wet and cold and it has condensation. These steel plates do rust through and most likely this is why evaporator coil was leaking refrigerant.

So if you have refrigerant leak in your system chances are it may be in your condenser, it may be in your evaporative coil, it also may be in a line in between. It’s very rare when there is a leak in a line, usually systems are leaking because condenser is rusted through or evaporative coil rusted through.

New ac unit installed. it’s a LENNOX three ton single stage unit.

Indoors we replaced furnace new furnace evaporative coil. We also installed filter box with sealed return cavity under the furnace, we sealed supply collars from the inside. We replaced condensate pump, gas connector, gas shut-off valve, sediment trap, we installed filter dryer by the evaporative coil, u-trap and vent on a drain line, put metal under the furnace, seal the cabinet, use double wall vent pipe.

LENNOX elite 80 percent ultralow NOx furnace three tons.