AC Replacement In North Tustin, CA

before and after AC replacement
before and after AC replacement

Homeowners know that the average lifespan for an air conditioning unit is about 15-20 years with proper maintenance. However, some conditions could arise that cause the system to fail prematurely. When the system fails completely, the property owner must find a suitable AC system to replace it.

Air Blue HVAC professionals can provide them with all the information they need to find a unit that works properly and keeps their home cooler. They can also help the homeowner compare units to eliminate any systems that have a history of known issues. 

The Appropriate Size for the Home

When setting up an AC Replacement in North Tustin CA, the homeowner must figure out what unit size they need. The technicians can calculate the required BTUs by finding the area of each living space. They multiply 25 BTUs by the area of the living space.

The total BTUs define what unit size will cool the home. The property owner must get a unit that is the right size or it won’t cool the home properly. If it is too large, it will just use too much energy and drive costs up. Once they calculate the correct size, the homeowner can start exploring their options for replacing their AC. 

Reviewing the Energy Star Ratings

The energy star rating for the AC unit defines how much money the homeowner can save each year on their energy costs. By choosing a unit with a higher rating, they can get the most out of the energy savings.

The technicians can review other factors about the home to determine if the property owner needs to take any additional actions. For example, they can seal up windows and doors to ensure they don’t have heat transfer or air loss. The Air Blue HVAC in North Tustin CA helps the property owner decrease their energy costs and get more out of the new installation. 

The Total Cost of the AC System

The Air Blue HVAC specialists will prepare full estimates for all AC systems of interest. This includes the unit price, labor costs, supplies, and any equipment required to complete the installation. The homeowner can also review financing plans that help them pay for the new installation.

Not all homeowners can afford to pay the full upfront costs of the air conditioning unit. They will need financing, and the service provider can provide a fair and reasonable plan with lower monthly payments. 

The Cost of Maintaining the Unit

Next, the homeowners review the cost of maintaining the unit. The maintenance expenses for each unit will vary, and the homeowner can compare these costs to the unit price. It is recommended that they don’t choose the cheapest unit as they will face higher maintenance expenses and a shorter ac unit lifespan. It is best to choose a unit with a median price to balance out the price of maintaining it. Price comparison helps the homeowners find the best unit for their home.  

The Warranty for the AC System

All new installations come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, and the warranty provides coverage for the unit and all its major components. If the system fails for any reason, the warranty covers the cost of replacing the unit and any of the major components that are not operating as expected.

Some warranties may cover routine maintenance or give the homeowner some discounts on the services. By reviewing the product warranty, the homeowner determines what is covered and what benefits they receive. They can also extend the warranty if the opportunity is available. 

Where to Get AC Help

Air Blue Heating and Cooling provide residential property owners with exceptional HVAC services, and they maintain and install brand-new heating and cooling systems. The service provider completes inspections, routine maintenance, and repairs for all heating and cooling systems. The company has a rich history of excellence and guarantees all their service. Property owners can learn more about setting up an AC Replacement by contacting the service provider directly for an appointment now. 

Homeowners need dedicated and reliable air conditioning systems to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature throughout summer. If their systems fail, it leaves them vulnerable to extreme summer temperatures. When choosing a new system, the property owner must evaluate key factors about the units and determine which is right for their home and budget. 

Air Blue HVAC professionals understand the requirements for setting up an AC system. They will walk the homeowner through the process and explain the requirements for maintaining the system. The technicians will set up a maintenance schedule for the new system.