AC Tune-up In North Tustin, CA

Homeowners need reliable air conditioning systems to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature all summer long. Routine maintenance tasks are vital for all AC systems, and the homeowner needs to set up the services with a licensed professional.

The system’s warranty details all the services that must be completed and how to complete them. The HVAC professionals must follow all the instructions as directed to improve the way the systems operate and give the homeowner the most use-value from the system. 

Changing Out the Air Filter

The first step is to change out the air filter and ensure that it is replaced with a clean filter. The surrounding area must also be cleaned to eliminate dust, debris, and other contaminants from the system. Homeowners have a choice between disposable or reusable air filters. The technicians can also measure the system and ensure that the homeowner is using the correct air filter for their system.  

Checking the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are inside the interior unit, and they must be checked with snake camera. With clean evaporator coil, the HVAC system will operate at top-notch performance levels and produce cool/hot air. It’s never a great idea for homeowners to try to check/clean the coils themselves as this could lead to serious damage.  

Removing Debris from the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are located underneath the fan in the exterior unit. The technicians will open the entire casing for the exterior unit and lift the fan. All debris is vacuumed out of the unit completely.

They clean the fan and its blades, and the technicians will spray appropriate chemicals onto the condenser coil to remove debris. They use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away debris that has become trapped on the fins. If it is damaged, the technicians will perform repairs.  

Flushing Out the Condensate Lines

The condensate drain lines could become clogged and fail to drain properly. When performing maintenance tasks, the technicians check the drain line. They inspect the condensate drain pan to find any visible existing damage. Technicians will ensure both components are working as expected.  

If the condensate drain lines are clogged, moisture and water build up in the unit, and mold could develop. If mold develops in the system, it spreads throughout the home. The cost of mold remediation is expensive, and the homeowner will have to file a claim through their homeowner’s insurance carrier.

Testing the Thermostat

The thermostat gauges the room temperatures and engages the AC system to cool down the home. If it is malfunctioning, it will not read the temperatures correctly, and it may cause frequent cycling. Frequent cycling increases costs and could wear the system out faster. 

The service provider will need to replace a faulty thermostat and provide the best option for the homeowner. Programmable thermostats provide the most convenient options for homeowners, and they can adjust the settings to save money on energy costs. The homeowner can adjust the AC to run at a higher setting when they aren’t home and decrease their cooling costs dramatically.  

Where to Get AC Services

Air Blue HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning provides residential property owners with high-quality heating and cooling services. The service provider offers routine maintenance, repairs, inspections, and new installations. The company has a long history of excellence, and they guarantee all their work. Property owners can learn more about setting up an AC Tune-Up by contacting the service provider directly. 

Homeowners must set up professional HVAC services for their air conditioning systems. The units must be well-maintained to operate properly throughout their lifespan. Air Blue HVAC professionals must complete all services as directed by the manufacturer’s warranty. If they don’t set up professional services, the homeowner could void the warranty and lose all coverage. 

Air Blue HVAC professionals know how to complete vital routine maintenance steps to improve system operations. The steps eliminate common problems with components and ensure that they operate as expected. The technicians report any damage to the homeowner and set up repairs. They provide a complete estimate for all repair or replacement costs. The homeowner gets more use-value out of the unit by setting up their maintenance services before they turn on the unit for the first time.