Financing Options

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Benefits of Financing a New HVAC System

There are numerous benefits to financing a new air conditioning system with AIR BLUE Heating and Air Conditioning, from immediate access to cooling or heating to more purchasing power.

Get Your New HVAC Now

If you’re planning on paying for your new air conditioner or furnace with cash, you’ll need to wait until you can save up for the new system. Just how long will that take, and will other unexpected expenses prevent you from reaching that goal? For example, you’re saving up for a new furnace in winter, literally counting down the days until your home is no longer a frosty icebox. Then, your car needs significant repairs, putting off that new system purchase. That’s two more months of Jack Frost as a roommate. Stop the cycle and ask HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning about financing instead. Our team is ready to help!

Get A Better System

When you purchase your new air conditioner with cash, you’re limited to whatever you have with you. But, your available cash doesn’t always directly correlate with the system that’s best for your home. One air conditioner may be more expensive than another, and therefore out-of-reach for you with the cash you have. However, that system is a better fit for your cooling needs and also is more energy-efficient, which means you’d make up the difference over the lifetime of the system. With financing from AIR BLUE Heating and Air Conditioning, you can close the gap and get the right air conditioner for your home.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

AIR BLUE Heating and Air Conditioning offers seasonal specials on new systems, providing steep discounts to customers who buy at the right time. While you’re waiting to save up enough cash, you might watch multiple specials pass you by. Then, when you’re ready, the season for purchasing is over, and you’ll have to pay full price, costing you money upfront. Instead, apply for financing with AIR BLUE Heating and Air Conditioning. You’ll be able to purchase your new air conditioner or furnace at the right time, striking while the iron is hot. You’ll enjoy your new system and the savings you’ve found.