WHAT IS COMPRESSOR SAVER KIT. Compressor locked up and doesn’t start. What to do compressor saver kit starting locked compressor.

Okay, so this should be a good video for the compressor saver kit, which is pretty much a relay with a secondary capacitor which helps your compressor to start. We have this Lennox unit from 2019 tripping the breaker and we have no cold air coming out of the vents, which obviously looks like the problem is with the compressor starting. We’ll check the capacitor first. So right now we have this LENNOX unit, which is not that old. Let’s have a look. It’s from 2019. What’s happening? Our compressor doesn’t start and trips the breaker. So the breaker is only 30 amps. This unit is going for 40, but still, the minimum capacity is 26. So this is up to code technically. So what happens? I already checked that the capacitor is good. So when we start our unit, you can see it pulls 120 amps, and then it goes down to 80 or 90. But still, this compressor didn’t start. This compressor is locked. It’s not starting. So the only thing I did was try to jumpstart it with this compressor saver kit, which will give it more torque at startup. So let’s try it out. Again, we can try to start it again, but nothing happens. So we have our compressor server kit. The striped wire is connected to the help terminal, the red wire is connected to a common or common on a capacitor, and the black wire is connected to the contactor on the other line, which is not common. You can find schematics right here, so I’m going to try to start it this way. Hopefully it won’t show on me. To begin with, here we go. You can hear the compressor starting to pull a lever on the amps. So the only way I could get this unit back to life was to install this compressor saver kit, which gave it extra juice at the start. Again, you know, there’s a chance something is going on inside this compressor which is hermetically sealed, but you know, I’ll give two options to this customer. So our compressor saver kit is installed. And I was a capacitor.