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Really short video why your ac unit will ice up or freeze if it’s low on refrigerant. Right now we have low side pressure and high side pressure. Low side pressure should be above 100 psi right now we’re only at 43 so which corresponds to very low temperature at evaporative coil, and not the whole coil is very low temperature only is a part where refrigerant comes in and this should be above freezing. But right now temperature is below freezing again not the whole coil only where refrigerant comes in. So the longer you run your unit the longer the cooling cycle. If units that’s undercharged, your evaporator coil inside next to a furnace in attic maybe in a closet starts icing up. The longer you run it the more of the coil will ice up. If your unit is properly charged it will never ice up. If you have proper amount of refrigerant and you have no issues with airflow if you have blower motor on it and if you have your air filter clean so keep your refrigerant levels full.

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